Whether you have been in business for over a decade, or haven’t even started out yet …

Here’s how I can help:

  • Consultations for Entrepreneurs and Inventors
    For: Inventions, Online Businesses, Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

    Product or Process Invention Evaluation
    to protect your idea and avoid infringing other patents
    Brand Evaluation
    Can you register your branding and exclusively own it?
    Does your branding put you at risk?
    The Essential Evaluation for Emerging Businesses
    to identify inventions and brands for protecting
    to identify the best entity for you
    discover traps and hazards; evaluate risks
    Online Business Evaluation
    Identifies Trademarks, Copyrights, and Designs you may register
    Uses knock-out-searches to identify risks in real-time
    Each Consultation Includes a Budget and Timeline
  • Patents
    Patent Consultation and Strategy
    match you invention(s) to the market
    Patent Searches
    Provisional Applications
    Utility Patent Application Preparation, Filing and Prosecution
    (see Licenses, below)
  • Trademarks
    Trademark Consultation and Brand Strategy
    Trademark Searches – Federal, State, and Common Law
    Trademark Application Preparation and Filing
    (federal and state)
    TM Office Prosecution
    Enforcing and ‘Policing’
  • Copyrights
    Creative Works Strategies & Consultation
    Copyright Application Preparation and Filing
    Plagiarism Monitoring
    Notice, C&D Letters, Litigation
  • Consulting
    Monthly Network Access
    Monthly One-on-One Coaching
    Project-Based Consulting/Coaching
  • Licenses and Acquisitions
    Licensing Consultation

    Acquisition Consultation
    Drafting and Examining License Agreements
    Negotiation Consultation and Execution
  • Incorporation
    Entity Decision Consultation (Inc., LLC, Proprietorship, etc.)
    Entity Creation
    Selected Corporate and Business Documents 

In Limited Circumstances, You May Be Referred to a Trusted Attorney Selected Because Their Expertise are Judged to Better Match to Your Situation.