An Open Letter To Innovators & An Invitation to Start Your Journey

Thomas Edison: phonograph, electric light, movies, and over 2000 more . . . 

You blend inventive creativity with entrepreneurial energy. You are the visionary who sees problems to solutions and the ways to bring them profitably to the masses. You are an entrepreneur and inventor in one.

People like Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and The Wright Brothers stand as your progenitors and heroes. Edison not only created ways to make pictures move and light the night, he created successful enterprises built on those ideas.

George Westinghouse made the American railroad breaks safe for the first time, and started a business legacy that reaches forward into today in the form of three-phase electricity. And, of course, the Wright Brothers literally re-wrote the book on the principles of lift, and then gave flight to the world. The innovators are the ones that combine original ideas with practical execution.

Tell Me About The Innovation Factory

The industrialists of the last century seldom created anything new, but knew how to make the wheels of free enterprise turn. Search the files at the Patent Office and it quickly becomes clear that most inventors just don’t start businesses – they invent. And, few inventors have the ‘boring’ discipline to start and run a business. You, however, are both of these powerful forces brought together.

People like you are the V8 engines of the American economy and indeed the economy of the world. I know how hard that journey is. I have a special place in my heart for innovators, because, well I am an innovator. I’ve invented and monetized a few ideas of my own over the years. I know the thrills and falls, the triumphs and very real tragedies that are involved, and the pain that they can bring.

That’s also why I know that behind every legend there are unsung heroes without whom the legends never would have been built — we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

Unsung heroes include the legions of small business owners, service providers such as accountants, laborers, marketers and, yes, even lawyers any enterprise needs to succeed.  And, whether your goal is to be a quiet hero or a resounding legend, I believe that we can help get you there faster, with less risk, and save you thousands of dollars along the way.

I have been there. I’ve helped others get there. Now I want to do the same for you.

If this sounds like something beyond your means, don’t worry. I’ve been where you are right now. To help make the expertise I’ve gained accessible to the people who need it most, I’ve developed a system and framework to fit your unique, ongoing needs at whatever point you are in your journey.  Follow me a short distance and I’ll show you the options. Then we can take our first steps on this exciting road together.  

Oh, and when you click on the link below, you can receive a copy of my “Innovator’s Journey” Map Collection.  I hope it will help make a little sense out of the life-changing chaos you’re probably going through right now.