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I Turn Ideas and Knowledge Into Assets.

Profit: Patents & Trademarks Build Revenue & Influence
Save : Eliminate Months Of Trial And Error
Clarify : Find Easy Explanations For Non-Lawyers
Guard : Protect Your Ideas, Brands & Trade Secrets
Achieve : Prepare For Market Faster


For Startup & Early-Stage Businesses and Inventors We Turn Your Ideas and Knowledge Into Assets

Operate: Can you sell your creations without being sued?
Patent and Trademark Searches Show the Way
Monopoly Profits: Can You Own Your Best Ideas?
Registered Intellectual Property Assets Support Revenue
Fast: Do You Want to Save Months Mistakes of Trying to Do It Yourself?
Protect Your Ideas, Brands & Trade Secrets Professionally

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3 Steps to Start with Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights:

Let’s Look At What You Have

Call or email me to schedule an appointment. If you have an emergency, you’ll be moved to the front of the line.

Let’s Develop a Plan

On a detailed followup call or video conference, you’ll share your business and invention goals. You’ll leave with clarity and a plan for protecting your ideas and turning them into assets.

Your Plan Goes Into Action!

After our followup meeting, you’ll receive a detailed plan. You’ll know what to do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost so you can move forward with confidence.

Inventions & Patents

A patent is a temporary (20 year) right granted by the United States to an inventor, to exclude others from making, using, or selling (and by case law, importing) an ….

Funding & Licensing

A license is a written agreement that grants rights, usually in intellectual property. So, patents (including design patents), trademarks, copyrights and trade ….

Brands & Trademarks

A trademark or service mark can be a word, phrase, logo, design or combination of these that identifies the source of origin of goods or services. A trademark ….

LLCs & Incorporation

Open Source software dominates the libraries of many developers and coders, and may even be incorporated in proprietary development packages, such as ….

From Our Clients


“Steve has impeccable skills and a love of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Brad Taylor

Inventions and Business

“Really, really good at patents! Beyond patents, Steve understands the business world.”

Lisa Lloyd

Trademark Defense

“Steve coordinated a successful defense when a major competitor tried to kill us in the cradle with their Trademark.”

Charles Gillis

Understands Inventors

“When I met Steve, I didn’t even know where to begin. Steve is able to make impossibly complex business issues understandable.”

Logan Smith Riise

You: Inventor, Entrepreneur, or Innovator?

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Inventors like you want more than just legal rules — you need experienced counseling and coaching to get through the maze


Ready for this? I actually want you to do business – and lots of it. I want you to close deals – and lots of them. Innovative businesses . . .


You blend inventive creativity with startup energy. You are the visionary who sees a problem and intuitively knows a solution . . .

Congratulations! There’s never been a better time to be an inventor or entrepreneur and Frisco!

Today’s inventors and entrepreneurs can do more, faster than ever. Let’s do a quick comparison:
In 2004 a little business called Digg created software that enabled users to like webpages or articles. It took Digg six rounds of funding and $49 Million to create its product and grow. Today, you know them as Facebook’s “like” functions.

Today, Digg’s same functionality (heck, much better functionality) can be created over a long weekend. In fact, most of that time would be devoted to Design. If you have any doubt, just join in on the next Startup Weekend in the area!

Frisco, Texas’ Location Advantages: Economic Growth

Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote island, you’ve probably aware that DFW (Dallas Fort-Worth) is one of the fastest growing area of the United States both in terms of population, as well as economically.

With a population of just over 100,000, Frisco’s unique high-tech as well as data and telecommunications services industries enabled it to grow and proper during the national recession following the post-2008 real-estate bubble. Nationally recognized for its powerful chamber of commerce, Frisco is home to Code Authority’s Code Launch Pitch event.

Pro-Business City Government

Frisco’s Economic Development Partnership actively recruits and assists businesses with growth and expansion in Richardson. Additionally, the Frisco’s Chamber of Commerce is known nationally as one of the strongest. Richardson is the place to be as your business takes off!


DFW’s University Community

The Southern Methodist University, is anchored in Dallas, and it’s (SMU) Guildhall located in Frisco offers an array of programs for software video game entrepreneurs ranging from weekend classes, to advanced-degreed programs in game design and development. Collin College’s has a Campus in every suburb, and an expansion campus of the University of Dallas (UD). The Guildhall’s annual pitch and presentation event is a must-see! The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), located in Richardson, offers an array of programs for entrepreneurs ranging from weekend classes, to degreed programs in entrepreneurship.





UTD is also home to an tech-incubator, and frequently hosts special events for inventors and entrepreneurs, such as Startup Weekend, as well as presentations by Dallas Maverick’s owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban.

Surrounding Area Resources:

Just down the road is NoD – a co-working space that caters to software programmers and entrepreneurs and home to many Dallas Startup Weekends.

Whether your dream is just beginning, or your growing as fast as your resources will allow, Dallas provides access to the funding you need to grow. From angel networks, to growth capital resources, to venture capital and the public markets, Dallas has the financial resources and professional talent to close your deal.




Patents Lawyers and Trademark Lawyers: Frisco Texas

As a patent attorney in Frisco, Texas, Steven Thrasher has been practicing patent law and trademark law since 2002.  In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of inventors and entrepreneurs (who we call “Game Changers”) transform their ideas into assets that generate startup funding, gain influence and attention, and earn revenue while escaping the competitive pressures of commodity businesses. Some of our clients have been on television shows like Ellen, Steve Harvey, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Shark Tank, and dozens of other programs. We would love to add you to our tribe of happy clients.

In additional to patent applications (including provisional patent applications) and trademark applications, we solve problems related to copyrights and copyright law, web-domain registrations, and intellectual property portfolio development.

In service to the community, Thrasher Associates has been active in the North Texas Technology Business Counsel, Tech Wildcatters, and regularly networks with the North Texas Angle Network and Baylor Angel Network (among other angel investor organizations). However, unlike much of the country in Frisco patent attorneys are around almost every corner. So, we know you have options and we are honored that you are considering doing business with us.

When you add it all up, Frisco, Texas is the perfect place for inventors and entrepreneurs like you to get started, and Thrasher Associates is the firm designed from the ground up to serve clients like you.