An Open Letter To Entrepreneurs & An Invitation to Start Your Journey

Henry Ford’s innovative manufacturing launched high-productivity industry.

This is unlike anything I’ve offered in my first ten years of counseling and coaching hundreds inventors and entrepreneurs. It’s really unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In the past you may have interviewed or even hired lawyers only to find expensive offices, paid parking, seemingly meaningless papers and forms, and a whole bunch of “Stop!” and “No!”

And, very little of what you’ve found has actually helped you. Well, you’re in the right place.

Ready for this? I want you to do business – – and lots of it. I want you to close deals – – and lots of them. I understand that zero risk equals zero success, and too often success is sacrificed on the alter of legal perfection; so, I work with you to balance risk and opportunity at a price you can afford.

That’s why I created The Business Factory – – it’s a service like no other that you will find. And, the crazy thing is, I built them out of a sense of frustration… It sprang up because I encountered frustration after frustration as I started over half a dozen businesses.

And, for over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of being a provider for many startup businesses (and institutions) looking to protect and monetize their ideas and monetize. The proof is in the numbers – my clients have earned millions of dollars in real world results.

Some of my clients, like Semantra and Advanced Search Labs, have used patents received angel and venture funding. Other clients, such as Lisa Lloyd and Lori Cheek, have appeared on Shark Tank, Ellen and the Steve Harvey Show, while others have chosen to  stay in the background, finding satisfaction that they are impacting the world in their own meaningful, quiet ways, while receiving checks as larger, established companies sell their products in industries ranging from novelty products, to skiing & fishing equipment, to software.

Maybe you want to be on Shark Tank, Dragons Den, or be interviewed by Steve Harvey or Ellen Degeneres, or buy your own product at Walmart, Pet Smart or another major retailer . . . or even on Amazon. It takes serious work — a lot more than ‘just an idea.’ The odds are already stacked against you. And, if you don’t have a plan you chances are pretty much zero. It’s doesn’t happen automatically, but we have a proven plan that can get you there so that you’ll know when you’re ready.

I get great satisfaction when I see a client’s face light up when their ideas are developed into products for companies such as Conair and Fiskers. They’ll tell you that nothing compares to the thrill you get when you actually go into a store for the first time and purchase your own product at Walmart, Party City, Lowe’s, or Home Depot.

In the past, I’ve charged by the hour, and sometimes still do — but not everyone is ready for one on one hourly coaching. I’ve found that most entrepreneurs need more nuts and bolts support to successfully start their entrepreneurial journey and launch their business. Simply put, there are a growing number of entrepreneurs I want to support, but I haven’t had the right program for them . . . until now.

I’ve spent the last two years dissecting what works and distilling it into a system. And, I know that there are legions of entrepreneurs like you who need this structured formula to protect and develop your ideas into assets and products, and that you need structured training to take your dreams to the next level. You want the power of one-on-one advice from an expert at a price you can afford. If you’ve read this far, you know that you’re ready to “level up” in a massive way… If you only had access to a system that works!

You are who I built The Invention Factory for…

The Business Factory delivers the key benefits of my one-on-one counseling and coaching in a structured program, where you receive access to documents and training used by and perfected by people just like you as they journeyed in their road to creating successful businesses and closing deals. The Business Factory’s details are provided to you in a structured format — so you get broad trainings, instruction on how to customize documents (or gain access to our hands-on edits), so you can focus on the areas you are an expert in.

Accessing our experience is like getting to be a fly on the wall in every step of the entrepreneurial process – from conceptualization to making your first sale, to closing your first big order, and beyond.

In short, through The Business Factory’s structured programs, I’ve created the efficiency that gives me the freedom to champion you, your launch, and ultimately your success — and the freedom, validation and big impact that comes with it.

Along the way, I’ll lead you through both live and virtual trainings to help you shape and develop your ideas and business, and get them out into the world – – so you can succeed in ways you have not been able to before . . . whether this is your first invention, or your next!

1. The System
After training hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last ten years, I’ve proven one thing to both myself and my clients – – I know how to imprint my skills and knowledge onto my clients so that they get results.

I’ve personally designed the Business Factory framework based on what I know works for my clients… and after launching successful businesses. The Business Factory starts with proven successful structures and frameworks, around which we will work together to build and protect your success. We begin by coaching you to provide us with information critical to understanding your business’s vision.

2. Ongoing Coaching
In Anchor Trainings, I work with you to keep you informed, add substance to what you’re trying to achieve, and point you in the right directions for further development. So, from crafting a product-market fit that ‘speaks’ to your ideal customer, to crafting a short-term protection strategy, to designing a long-range personal growth strategy, I can help you identify the shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be.

3. Living Templates
Additionally, I provide you with an appropriate suite of documents – – and, much more than mere forms, our trainings that accompany the forms will guide you through how to complete each one and deploy it in your business.

4. Affordable Protection
The core of The Invention Factory is what you came here for in the first place: incorporations, NDAs, trademarks, copyrights, and other “musts” you expect, but with a twist – – if you choose, you can upgrade to include these basics in your flat rate program so that YOU have complete control over the cost.

And there’s much more . . .

Beyond all this, you will be getting some super bonuses, and special access products that I have carefully and specially selected for you that can help your business succeed.

And, if it’s not your cup of tea, you can cancel your monthly program at any time and we’ll still root for you from the stands.

It’s a complete, integrated training, coaching and implementation program that gives you systems, support, and the confidence and accountability you need to fast track your results. You deserve it.