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The Five Stages of Business Growth

How to gain clarity, eliminate wasted time and money, and move forward with a structured plan in your business.What you’ll DiscoverAs you continue or begin your entrepreneurial journey, you are increasingly overwhelmed with activity and distractions. And, if you’re like most business owners, you sometimes struggle with what activity needs your attention most, versus what […]

How To Raise Money II: Growth & Funding Stages

Last weekend Tim Gillette and I enjoyed lunch, where some really smart people at our table asked: “what exactly is an A-Round investment?”Wondering How to Raise Money For Your Idea? Funding Your Idea Might Look Chaotic, But There’s A Framework To It! Since I’ve had, depending on how you look at it, the good fortune […]

Do You Need a Patent?

If You’re Wondering Whether or Not To Protect Your Idea, Pay Attention To Who’s Giving You Advice, and Watch What Your Competition Is Doing. Last week Jim DeBetta, a judge on one of those Shark Tank wannabe shows, made a scandalous claim: that you, inventor, do not need a patent. I’ve been thinking a bit […]