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  • Save : Thousands of Dollars

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  • Grasp : Easy Explanations You Can Implement

  • Guard : Your Ideas, Brands & Trade Secrets

  • Profit : Turn Ideas Into Assets


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Inventions don't just randomly get patented or invited to Shark Tank. That's why Inventors like you need a plan and an experienced guide ...



Ready for this? I actually want you to do business – and lots of it. I want you to close deals – and lots of them. Innovative businesses  . . . 



You blend inventive creativity with entrepreneurial energy. You are the visionary who sees a problem and intuitively knows a solution . . .

Understands Inventors

When I met Steve, I didn’t even know where to begin. Steve is able to make impossibly complex business issues understandable.

- Logan Smith Riise​

Trademark Defense

Steve coordinated a successful defense when a major competitor tried to kill us in the cradle with their Trademark.

- Charles Gillis​

Inventions and Business

Really, really good at patents! Beyond patents, Steve understands the business world  . . .

- Lisa Lloyd​


Steve has impeccable skills and a love of innovation and entrepreneurship.

- Brad Taylor​

Inventions & Patents

If you want to protect your invention, a patent is the best way to do it because without a patent you will be knocked-off. A patent is a government-granted right to exclude others from making, using . . . 

Funding & Licensing

Intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights are assets that you can use to generate revenue and get funding. A license agreement is the contract that gets you ... 

Brands & Trademarks

A brand can be a word or logo or design that identifies goods and services, while a trademark is the legal right to exclude others from using confusingly similar marks. A trademark can be state . . .  

LLCs & Incorporation

When should you incorporate? How and where do you incorporate? Heck, should you incorporate at all?   
Incorporating creates an entity you can use to do business through, and has advantages...


The Five Stages of Business Growth

How to gain clarity, eliminate wasted time and money, and move forward with a structured plan in your business.What you’ll DiscoverAs...

How To Raise Money II: Growth & Funding Stages

Last weekend Tim Gillette and I enjoyed lunch, where some really smart people at our table asked: “what exactly is an...

Do You Need a Patent?

If You're Wondering Whether or Not To Protect Your Idea, Pay Attention To Who's Giving You Advice, and Watch What Your...

The Patent Office Crisis

​Did you know that the first right in the Constitution is the right to protect your ideas? The American Founders pioneered...

Patent Infringement Turned Inside-Out

​Patent Infringement Turned Inside Out Can Your Invention Being Knocked Off Be Good For You? That's right. Sometimes, you may actually...


    Steve coordinated a successfull defense when a major competitor tried to kill us in the cradle.

    Charles Gillis​
  • “I had an idea for a product and no knowledge about how to make it a reality. Steve walked me, step by step, through the patent process from beginning to end. Not only did I receive a patent, I also learned so much along the way.”

    Laura Devega

    Steve has impeccable skills a love of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Brad Taylor
  • “Steven is the reason for my success! Steven is responsive to questions and requests, he looks after clients with care. Highly recommended!”

    Lynda Martinez

    Steven has consistently produced tremendous ideas and results.You will never find better.

    Rod Martin
  • “When I met Steve, I didn’t even know where to begin. Steve is able to make impossibly complex issues understandable, fast. More than just the law, Steve understands business — hee guided mine Inline image 1through some rough waters with solid business advice. Hire Steve!”

    Logan Smith Riise